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The Maraschino Cherry
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Available jar sizes: 26 oz, half gallon, 1 gallon

Without Stems

Plain (whole) Maraschino Cherries

Ideal for topping ice cream sundaes, desserts and cake decoration where enhanced, value-added presentation is essential.

Cherry Size & Cherries per Jar
  26 oz half gallon gallon
Medium (18-20mm) 90-98 280-330 630-680
Large (20-22mm) 78-86 220-270 525-575
Jumbo (22-24mm) 68-72 180-220 410-475
Colossal (24-26mm) 60-64 130-180 300-400

Special processing ensures blemish-free cherries of consistent sizing with constant varietal characteristics of fruit providing uniformity of appearance.

Uniformity of pack means that count-per-jar ranges are accurate and consistent for predictable cost-per-serving calculations and assured maximum utilization of jar contents.

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